Thursday, July 18, 2013

Out & About in KC

Time to take a moment out of a busy week, a busy month. There's little sense in living in such a busy way as to leave no room

So I'm wandering around Kansas City, camera in hand. We'll, not so much camera as cameraphone. As I've pointed out to others I take snapshots not photographs. 

The latter I leave to my Love. Or to my cousin in Ireland. He's a professional photographer. 

That said, I am using my 41MP Nokia. Every little helps. 

A sunny day. Warm (well, hot actually) and time to wander. 

With luck the attached snap of one of this "City of Fountains" fountain make it through this mobile blogging exercise. 

If not - just imagine it. 

Because it's sunny, I brought along yet another "nice straw" - or canvas, in this case.


  1. Love the hat and love the fountain! ^_^

    1. Thanks, Helen. I have other photos of fountains around KC.

      And I have other hats, too. :-)