Thursday, August 29, 2013

Steppin' Out in the City

I may have mentioned before, in some blog post or other, that this Kansas City living is a new thing for me. It's the first time I've lived within a city. Most other times I've lived "not far from", "on the outskirts of", "within an ass' roar of" (that last must have been when I lived in Ireland) cities.

Now, midtown. Not all that far from downtown.

And it's good.

There's more noise than other places we've lived. West 31st. street is busy—even more since it's become a major detour route due to work on I-35 on-ramps near here. So my haiku mention sirens more often than previously. But it's still good.

Cities have things going on that smaller communities don't necessarily have available. That said, we didn't manage to enjoy the "Shakespeare in the Park" performances a couple of months ago. Our loss. And there are museums yet to be visited—although we have, on past trips here, visited them.

Five minutes away there's a local place we go have breakfast every couple of weeks or so. With friends. It's not "coffee and croissants on the Rive Gauche." No, this is the US, and the Midwest moreover. A local diner. Been there a long time. Will be there a long time yet. A good place to eat.

Ten minutes, or less, in the other direction we have the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Our season tickets for the Kansas City Symphony came early this month. It will be a lot easier to reach than the San Francisco Symphony, to which we'd go when we lived in the Bay Area.

I'm slowly getting to know the neighborhoods in the city. As I've said to others—it's a nice town. Good green areas, fountains, gardens, good food, good people.

I may yet become "city folk."


  1. I've found that I don't much mind the urban soundtrack, even though I live over an hour from the nearest large city (Atlanta). Maybe that's because I don't have to hear it all the time. :-)

    How's the walkability? My son lived in Manitowoc WI for a couple years, and I went to visit. The only thing not easy to reach on foot was the larger grocery stores. I suppose walkability means a lot more in the North, because you can still get to the corner bar when the streets are iced over.

    1. It seems I've come to like the urban soundtrack - I like the phrase, by the way.

      Walkability's not great. The building's a converted office building and there's not much within easy walking distance. Except the parks. Kansas City's a good place for greenery - kind of a necessity for a boy from Dublin, Ireland. :-)

      But, ten minutes away is the Country Club Plaza in one direction and fifteen, or so, the other way takes you downtown, with all that downtown might have to offer.

      Of course, if you wish to drive forever West and South you'll find the huge out- and indoor malls that are everywhere. Handy if you need new glasses (I got used to LensCrafters back in CA - and I'm a creature of habit.)

  2. You may yet :)

    I'm torn on this whole city living thing, even though I've lived in the city my whole life. But hey, what ever works for inspiration. Sirens are welcome in haiku, too.

    1. I may indeed, Estrella.

      I find I'm liking city living, even the sirens.

      PS I hope it wasn't my blog that was giving you difficulties in commenting. That would be quite a loss for me.