Monday, December 23, 2013

They broke the mold when they made her - as my Mother would have said

This post has been a while coming…and I'm not just talking about the delay between December 1st (my previous post) and now.

A very good friend of ours, Virginia—Va as she was known, died earlier this year. It was something that was coming too, so not a surprise. But still…

A week or so ago I saw, as I walked around town, a man wearing a hat with Tweety emblazoned in yellow on it. Another day—a woman wearing a bright, festive, red sweater. Just last week I was in a hardware store of all places, buying a power strip (for it seems we can't have too many, or enough) and as I stood waiting in line my eye caught on a packet of salt water taffy.

Tweety was one of Va's favorite cartoons and she had brooches, earrings, a sweater, all of the bright yellow bird.

Va wore bright christmas sweaters. And bright green ones, with shamrock earrings, for the High Holy Day, as she called St. Patrick's Day. She enjoyed holidays. A whole-hearted, big-hearted, enjoyment that spilled over on all her friends.

Salt water taffy? We'd visit the Russian River each year and, in Jenner at the mouth of the Russian River, there's a souvenir store with lots and lots of the 'stuff' you typically find in such stores. And salt water taffy. Which we'd buy for Va.

A great cook, a natural storyteller, a joyous and warm human being, who embodied the love of being embodied. She referred to her drive across the country, taken many years ago, as her incredible journey.

This Christmas Va will be much missed by her children and the many friends she left behind in many parts of this country.

I just hope, in fact I truly believe, that her last incredible journey was more than even she could imagine.


  1. Oh what a lovely tribute to a beloved and obviously much cherished friend. I like to think that when I'm gone I'll be remembered like this. When we're lucky, the footsteps that we leave in the hearts and minds of other people become lasting imprints. They say a person lives until no one speaks their name. Sounds like Va will live on in the minds and hearts of many for a long time to come.

    1. Thanks, Karen. In the Eastern Churches the prayer is "May her (his) name be remembered forever." In this way, as you say, the person will live on always.

      Va left big footprints - and loved foot massages. :-D

      Merry Christmas, my friend.

  2. Beautiful sentiments, Kevin. She made an impact on family and friends who feel her absence. What higher praise is there for a life well-lived?

    1. "Higher praise"? None that I can think of, River.

      Blessings to you this light-filled season.