Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for… (oh, you can't be serious, KjM!)

Zafrina cried out
"Zounds!" Then struck an heroic pose.
Zackary…just smiled.

Which is what may happen when a strong Amazon (are there weak ones?) meets someone remembered by God.

Another in the "hardly a haiku" series. But I did make it through to Z. That, given the dust that had settled over my blog, is worthy of note.

My thanks to all who visited, commented. I regret I didn't get around the webz as much as I'd have liked to visit others who took on this challenge. Life gets in the way, from time to time. This is one such.


  1. Congrats on zee finish of zee A to Z haiku! Zounds! :D

    1. Many thanks, River. It was fun and I certainly had to work a little harder than usual to come up with my seventeen syllables.

      Good exercise!

      Congrats to you also. I loved your entries.

  2. Clever way to wrap it up! I managed to finish mine, and now have them all properly indexed and cross-linked. ;-)

    1. Lacking words beginning with "Z"—apart from "Zounds" I opted for names. I like the two that caught my eye, not least for their meanings.

      Congratulations of completing the challenge, Larry.