Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Goldberg Variations Released

 I've not been well recently and am not up to a full "Book Launch" for my Goldberg Variations.

So I'm letting Anna and Ruth slip out into the world, doing their own thing as they have been for some years now. Over the time they'd drop by, uninvited like as not, whisper a story or two (or a hint of a story or two), and then waltz off again.

I swear I could hear them laughing.

Well, we're done.

They've whispered their last. They've plotted and played with the variations, covering so many aspects of our human lives. Birth, and before. Death, and beyond. The many stages in between.

There are themes, recurring themes. The Mother/Daughter one, for sure. But others too.

I hope these tales bring... the reader to the table, co-creating the lives and loves of these women.

The volume has been accepted into the Smashwords Premium Catalog, so it should be appearing on the iBook Store and others soon.

There will be a paperback version from CreateSpace in due course.

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