Sunday, February 15, 2015


Given the weekend that's in it, as they might say where I hail from, this poem from some time ago might be appropriate.

As I mentioned, I've always been worried that it's really to the rhythm of "The Night Before Christmas."


It seemed like a time when endings were reached
When tears were shed, when defenses were breached
And bottles of bubbly were scattered about
And bodies and voices were joined in a shout
Of love and affection and joyful surrender
To feelings now passionate, now caring, now tender.

No more games were played, no more secrets hid
While both lay exposed to say what was said.
To discover the gods thought this all a game
And that which they felt could have only one name
But they had believed for some time it absurd
That any to them should apply such a word

But there could be no doubt, to those below nor above
This passion, this longing, it was Love, it was Love.


  1. "While both lay exposed to say what was said."

    I think the key element to that sentence and this poem is the word "both" -- when the talk/listen ratio is 50/50 -- then yes, that most certainly is love.

    glad you reposted this lovely piece.

    1. Interesting, Karen (and interesting Karen, also) but you caused me to re-examine the sentence you called out. And I now read it in a variety of ways, and they're all true and valid.

      Many thanks for the insight.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the piece.