Friday, May 29, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday

A writer - J. M. Strother, a member of the writer's forum I frequent (though not as frequently as I would like), suggested Fridays become the days for fostering fiction - flash fiction in particular.
The idea, as described here, #fictionfriday, is to post a 500-word or less story on your blog - and then Tweet the fact, including a link to the story and the #fictionfriday tag.
The purpose - to increase visibility. Never a bad thing.
The below lies somewhere between experimental and flash. Enjoy.

Stupid, stupid, stupid...just stupid, that's what it is...I mean I didn't mean's just that...she surprised me is all...she wasn't supposed to be there...and it wasn't deliberate...I didn't mean to rip her dress like that...she should have let me know she was coming back...look, I work hard, I keep her and her kid, it's not like it's even my own kid...I do right by's not so much to ask...a little relaxation for myself, is it? was her screaming at me like that...if she didn't scream at me it wouldn't have wasn't my fault...why did she have to go screaming like that? she wants to move out, keep the kid away from me...I mean, it's just a real harm was stupid of me...stupid of me to wear hers...I told her I wouldn't do it again...


  1. Love it! Had me laughing out loud, and not the LOL kind, I mean real laughter.
    I found a woman who is using Fiction Friday as a regular heading on her blog, so I may have to change the name of this little experiment. I contacted her and explained I did not intend to step on any toes. Have to see what she says. If she objects I'll recast this thing with a new name, but I think the concept is sound and will carry on.

  2. Many thanks to you both - it was fun. Let's see how many Fridays I do this. As the Bard said, "Ah, there's the rub..."