Wednesday, June 03, 2009

And so, on to June

We're already heading for the longest day in the year. Somehow, it seems far too short a time ago when the longest night was with us. We must be having fun, time is flying so.

But yes, last week did bring fun with it. Our house is still in quite good condition. 'Twas even better when our friends from KC, MO dropped by. Music in the background, munchies available, wine, wide-ranging and good conversation - for hours.

The cats came to investigate - even Sonja put in an appearance, to the pleasure and amazement of everyone.

All our work cleaning up was worth it, and Jane and Pat were kind enough not to notice where we missed. Good friends.

Then out to dinner - they're gourmet cooks, the two of them. We're not stupid.

That week also provided the opportunity to bury the Lady C in flowers, for her birthday. This elicited a voicemail complaining about all the weeds taking up every available vase in her home. Worth doing for that alone.

The weekend brought a pot luck on Saturday at the Emmaus Community in San Jose. Again, friends gathered around a table, sharing food and time with one another.

Can't think of any better way.

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