Thursday, October 08, 2009

I didn't mean what you said

"Gondolas," he said.

"Gondolas," I heard, and my mind went to canals, long thin boats, Italian arias sung by men wearing stripped tee-shirts. Yes, I know we are in the Rockies. But there is a river.

We were talking with someone from Starwood Vacation Properties about their new development in Avon, CO. It seems a nice two-bedroom unit, should you wish to own all 52 weeks of the year, will set one back a cool (well, this is ski country) $2M. If, should you have the need, the three-bedroom can be had for around two-and-a-half (million, that is).

We don't have the need. Not to mention the heaped pile of dollar bills.

Guests, owners of one, two or more weeks, staying there can take the elevator to the lobby, board a gondola, and be brought to the base of one of the ski lifts. There they may ascend the mountain in a gentle, controlled way - and descend in a considerably less controlled fashion. Please forgive me, skiing is not my thing.

I looked at the river. "A lot of rocks," thought I, "for a gondola to navigate."

Some two days after this conversation we were driving around Avon and I turned right rather than left - not an infrequent occurrence for me. Shortly thereafter, we arrived at the base of a ski lift.

I looked back and saw a series of enclosed "gondolas" suspended from wires, stretching from the ski lift back to the Starwood Riverfront property.

Et erat lux.


  1. Ha! Well, I'd rather be in Venice in a gondola anyway. Glad you're enjoying your trip.

  2. I like the thought of riding a gondola to a ski lift. That's one heck of a sled ride - wait, that isn't what you were talking about, huh? ;)

    Are you vacationing in the rockies? Your haikus are driving me insane. The fresh air and peace mountains bring. WA has alot of these. Texas does not.

    Great post!

  3. @Laura - agreed, Venice does sound more appealing

    @Jodi - yes, we were on vacation in the Rockies. Glad/Sorry the haiku had the impact they did. Back in the Bay Area now - just in time for the #fridayflash