Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Rocky Mountain high - with apologies to JD

Last Friday we flew into Denver. Because we aren't "snowbirds", we did not come in the season. So, the local airport is not accepting flights at this time.

So, a two-and-a-half hour drive through the Rockies to get to Avon, CO. It wasn't a difficult drive, just lengthy - westward, into the setting sun.

The "season" we were looking for was Fall. And we judged it correctly. The aspens are turning yellow and russet gold. This set against the evergreens and the hint of snow on the peaks - a palette for a poet.

Avon is a small town. No one seems in too much of a hurry. Perhaps that comes later, when the area is flooded with skiers. I'll take the quieter version.

Avon is a small town, with roundabouts! I had to dig back into my European heritage to remember the rules. So far I haven't caused any major concern to the local population.

A number of the "villages" around the area seem somewhat manufactured - largely collections of accommodation lodges, ski supplies and sporting goods stores. I can't complain. We are staying at one ourselves - a lodge I mean, not a sporting goods store.

Well, the economy here is based on tourism. The mines in the area seem long tapped out. And, I suspect, jobs in the service industry are better, and safer, than any mining ones were.

Being at over 7,000 feet in a very dry climate has had its impact on my nose. I've seen a number of three and four AMs since arriving here (and not just because I was going to bed very late).

The humidifier in the room helps - somewhat. For the rest, there are always books to read even at that hour.

Good eating is to be had also. If I remember rightly, vacation food doesn't have any calories. That's the hope anyway.

This is a place we will return to. One week is hardly sufficient to do it justice.


  1. You are right - vacation food doesn't have any calories. ;-)

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your trip. I can't handle the high altitudes so I'll have to visit vicariously through you.

  2. Skiing's not my thing either!

    Keep writing! :)

  3. @Laura - the high altitudes gave me some trouble, that and the dryness of the air - but the area we were in is gorgeous

    @ganymeder - as Chance the Gardner said - "I like to watch" (preferably from a hot tub as I sip a fine cognac as I cheer the skiers on) :)