Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Dark came in on the Heels of the Rain

Well, perhaps Daylight Savings Time ended in a less apocalyptic fashion - but then, I never liked rain.

Out and about, dancing from puddle to puddle, between raindrops and far more serious rainshowers. Errands to run and a new MacBook Air to lust over. No, I haven't bought one. But I'd like to, for I remain a sucker for good design. Another time, when I have more money and better excuses.

Errands to run indeed. And a NaNoWriMo novel to avoid writing (sigh). I, for all my good intentions and preparation, am behind. Plenty of time yet to catch up - and isn't that the most seductive thing you ever heard? Well, not really, but you get my point.

As a further, and creative if I say so myself, approach to procrastination, I gave my blog a facelift yesterday. Nothing extreme, it's still recognizable, but a cleaner look was the goal.

I did get some writing done in the late afternoon, while listening to mournful Celtic medieval music. It turned out to be the perfect atmospheric background. I don't know what I'd do if I ever decided to try write comedy.

I hope all my American friends enjoyed their additional hour. I know I did.


  1. I'm lusting after a Macbook Air too. I have a very good excuse because my old laptop died several months ago and I haven't replaced it yet.


  2. Like the new look, sounds like procrastinating was going rather well yesterday :P

    We had a time change here at the end of October and it worked out pretty well for me. I still go to bed/wake up at the same time I did before (unfortunately), but in pure numbers it's nice to start my day an hour earlier ;)

  3. The new look is great! Irishman who doesn't like did you ever survive in the old country??!
    I remember last year when you spent the last weekend of NaNo practically writing the entire 50,000 words! Are you planning the same gallop again this year? O.o

  4. @Jai That's a better excuse than I can come up with for the moment. I had the original MacBook Air, for almost a year. I sold it when 2GBs of memory became too much of a restriction. I sold it. But the new ones come with up to 4GBs. I could make that work, couldn't I?

    @Estrella Glad you like the new look. I didn't do much with the template, once I found something I liked. Played a little with the colors.

    @Laura No, I don't like rain. That's why I live in California :D

    Happy you like the new look. As to repeating last year's insanity around NaNo - no, no, a thousand times No! At least I hope not...

  5. Of course you could! 4GBs is ok, especially if you're like me and keep a drawer full of flash drives to save things too.

    I'm going to have to research the thing more though, before I make any massive leaps of monetary permanence. I want to know exactly what the MacBook Air can do and what it can't.


  6. I think it's almost inevitable to fall behind a little, but it does not look like you're too far behind at this stage. You'll make it.

    "mournful Celtic medieval music"

    Amazon link to title please. :) I love that kind of music.

  7. @Jai - there are a number of reviews of the Air, including one from David Pogue. I'm going to do something unusual (my sisters will faint, well they would - if they were the fainting kind of gals, they aren't) and wait before switching to the Air. But I'm sure it will happen sometime...


    Enjoy the music.

  8. I liked mine - I was having sleep problems, and this made me one less hour late the next morning.