Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I should be thankful I have it at all...

I'm very fond of silk. As I type that I hear my Mother's voice very clearly in my head - "it's far from silk you were reared."

True, very true. It still doesn't take away from the fact that - I'm very fond of silk! My Dad used to buy me hand-painted silk ties - amused by the fact that I lived and worked in the non-tie-wearing San Francisco Bay Area. Hand-painted by a French woman living in Ireland for delivery to an Irishman living in California. Indeed, The World is Flat.

My remaining long-sleeved silk shirt went the way of all things some time ago - fraying along the seam, not at the seam so that I could repair it, just along it, the fibers coming apart (there are some days in which I know how each and every one of those fibers felt).

WinterSilks is an online store which has provided me clothing from time to time over the years. Good clothing and, often, reasonable priced. So I was very happy to see long-sleeved silk shirts advertised. Surprisingly, for me that is, I ordered only one. Just to check size, nothing more. If all went well, I would order others - they have quite a range of colors.

I love silk - as I mentioned above. It breathes. It looks - well, silky I suppose (ah, the wordsmith as ever). And is lightweight.

Did I mention the name of the web site - WinterSilks? This is the sort of stuff to keep you warm on those long winter nights (failing other options, that is).

It's a very nice shirt. Really. It is. Nice color. Well put together. Stylish even.

100% silk and woven in such a way that I will have no trouble staying warm. But a little problematic in California in the height of Summer. It's been suggested to me that I should search for a "SummerSilks" web site. Google - don't fail me now!

And, we'll leave any and all discussion of the silk thermal underwear for another time and forum.

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