Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sometimes things work, other times - well...

The "Testing 1...2...3..." entry was the result of a frustrating time spent with the new version of the iPhone software and a program from the good TypePad folks.

The application failed to post two extensive "first" posts using my phone. It was unable to publish the posts - and simply informed me that it had received an "unexpected response from the server". (See the image below).

The error was no less unexpected for me. It caused me to question my move to TypePad for blogging.

As with many things in the software world, a wiping out of the application from the phone, from my computer and a re-download from the iTunes AppStore solved the problem.

They say that the definition of insanity is the repetition of actions in expectation of a different result. The software industry, of which I - to my great shame at times - am a part, has trained us well in this approach. And driven us mad.

My reloading of the application allowed for the "Testing 1...2...3..." post to make it all the way from my iPhone to my blog. Third time's a charm they say. So it would appear.

For the record, neither of us has bought an iPhone 3G. Though we are running the new version of the software on our existing phones - and we have checked the local Apple stores for inventory and the length of their customer lines.


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