Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bet your phone can't do this!

Then again, it's very possible that you don't want your phone to do anything of the sort.

Why ever not?

I have this odd affinity for koi. If I come across a koi pond I can be found, much time having passed, staring at them. Just watching. There is something very peaceful about them.

Of course, I have my koi fountain pen. A functional work of art - signed by the Japanese artist who made it.

And then there's the fish. A pair of them. Chasing one another in a circle. Just above my left shoulder blade.

A fifteen-year-old tattoo. My first. Fish, because I am a Pisces. Koi because I saw the image. Koi. How could I not?

And now there is a Koi Pond application for the iPhone. It doesn't do much - except display koi in a pond. And make noise. Water, birds, frogs, insects. All of the above. I turn off all but the water.

And, I have a koi pond on my desk. It just looks like an iPhone.


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