Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hot August night

For some time now I receive a text message each morning suggesting what the weather will be like in the San Mateo area for the day and the following two days. The wonders of technology (and I have to make use of those 200 text messages included in my phone plan, don't I?)

Of course, were I in Europe those inbound text messages would not count against the total. But that's a different blog entry.

So, according to this miracle of technology, the past week should have been overcast, cloudy and with even some rain yesterday. Not so. If fact, not even close.

Over the past few days we have enjoyed more of those unremittingly blue skies I learned, very quickly I might add, to love when I "stepped off the boat" fifteen years ago.

I know that weather is an inherently chaotic system and doesn't lend itself to easy answers. But, I mean, this is California. The San Francisco Bay Area. Gateway to the Valley. Yes, that Valley. The one with the silicon (not silicone, that's the other one).

One imagines the weather patterns are well known. That there is also sufficient brain power (to say nothing of computing power) in the area to know if, out of a clear blue sky, we may expect rain.

Apparently not.

I suppose it could be worse. I could actually be in Arizona rather than just logged into a computer there. I suspect it's even hotter there than here.

I can think of better thingsto be doing at 11:00pm at night. None of them involve working on databases.

No rest for the wicked, they say. Must have been very bad then. No surprise.

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