Monday, August 18, 2008

Going for the Gold?

The train seemed less heavily populated this evening as I made my way home. The day was long, with work intruding on yesterday. So, too sleepy to read. What to do? What to do?

Listen in on other people's conversations of course.

Across the aisle from me two young people, one male, one female, were engaged in an animated and wide ranging conversation. She was explaining Twitter to him. He was uncomprehending.

"140 characters, that's what you have to work with."

"So, it's like blogging then, but smaller."

"I use it to keep up to date with my sisters. I like being able to know what they are doing, and they know what I'm doing."

"I can't see why you don't just blog."

"But it's really fun and easy this way."

He remained unconvinced.

Without anything like a reasonable segue they moved to discussion of the Olympics. It is possible, however, that I dozed off briefly and missed the transition.

She didn't "get" the Olympics. Was, indeed, trying to not hear/read/see anything about them. And she was somewhat offended that, even with all that effort, she knows of someone named Michael Phelps, that he is a swimmer and has more gold medals than anyone else.

The young man tried to explain that the Olympics are "important". They are "great to watch".

She admitted that she had seen half of the opening ceremonies. She still didn't understand why "running really fast round in a circle" was important.

Lord knows what she might have to say about the discus or javelin throwing events - both of which appeal to me. But then, I'm all for tradition.

He said that "diving was great, to be 100 feet up in the air and dive into the water was spectacular."

She remained unconvinced.

I suppose you could say that neither won

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