Monday, August 04, 2008

Some sort of order on things

There are sites on the web I shouldn't go to (no, no those sites - well, yes, those too). Sites such as Levenger.

From this site (a friend of ours intoned "Oh those people" one day when I mentioned the site - he is a fountain pen collector) I have purchased writing pads - designed to take ink beautifully and with a very smooth writing surface - fountain pens - well, they were on sale you know - and now, furniture.

A particular type of furniture. Bookcases. Revolving Bookcases.

Since I first saw one such in my Aunt Eileen's apartment 'way back when - I have been very taken by them. Something to do with very much packed into very little space. And just the sheer "neatness" ("neat" as in "cool" rather than any connotation of "tidy" - anyone who knows me knows that).

Eileen's was, and yet is, rectilinear. Our new ones, round.

They are two-tiered but, being modular, could have been as many-tiered as we might have wished. Two is sufficient. We don't need to build a tower by our chairs. That said, given the number of books we have...

Beautiful dark cherry. Smoothly, and independently, turning. A set of books, and other "stuff", to hand in far less space than linear shelving would require.

A set each and very handsome they look. Now comes the question of which books to populate our revolving bookcases with. But that's another day's work.


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