Saturday, August 02, 2008

Work in progress...

Work on our house is continuing - not by our hand (or checkbook, at least not directly).

The roofs of the condo units are flat. They have been for thirty years and more. Living equidistant from two major faults (the San Andreas and Hayward faults) we had the comfort of knowing that, come the "Big One", we could stand on the roof and hope that the Bay would only come up to our toes.

But, while it may never rain in Southern California, as the song goes, it does rain here. Sometimes with great vigor and abandon. And so there have been leaks throughout the complex. Not in our home mind you, but in sufficient others for the Homeowners Association to take action.

The flat roofs are being given a slight slant. This means there have been people clambering all over it this week. Hammering, banging, generally creating noise - and dust (my nose was not happy - breathing became difficult this morning).

The cats have not been happy about it either. Far too many loud noises, footsteps on the roof, coverings over the skylights making areas darker than previously. None of this can bode well when you such a creature of habit as cats generally are. Sonja knows the world has ended - and has expressed herself loudly on the topic.

But the weekend has brought relief. Sonja is curled up on a chair, napping. Her sister, Nema, is somewhere else in the house figuring out new ways in which she can become a nuisance. She is quite creative, in her way.

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