Monday, September 15, 2008

"How did it get so late so early?" - a quote stolen from the book

We saw a film today, oh boy. Well, not actually today. A little while ago. We had seen a preview of it on some DVD or other. "Gotta see that" was the immediate, shared thought.

All hail NetFlix.

Frank Langella in a performance made up of the tiniest details. A quiet film. Not a car chase to be seen. And, given it deals with writing, writers and their milieu, of much interest.

I caught sight of the "based on..." information and very soon afterward ordered the book, and have now finished reading it.

The same quietness. Some elements more explored, more detailed, than film allows for. But the essence caught by the screen writers, the director, and the actors. The enfolded stories fitting together more neatly in the film, because the audience has less time to devote to that medium.

I have always liked Frank Langella as an actor. This is a performance I will never forget - and, as is often the case, cannot imagine anyone else in this role.

"Starting Out in the Evening" - a powerful and subtle hymn to life. Nice work by the author, Brian Morton.

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