Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hot, hot, hot as the hobs of...

Warm it's been these last days in the Bay Area. "Last Days" indeed.

Is the end of days upon us? Record temperatures in the Bay Area (over 100 several times during the week where I work). An earthquake in the North-East Bay last night. Ten miles underground. What is going on down there?

And I lost my iPhone.

"Last Days" indeed.

On Labor Day weekend we had dinner in the City with friends from Kansas City. K is back in the Bay Area in her final year of school. Her Dad came with her and the four of us went to eat at South - K's choice of location. Good, good food.

Easy to get to for us also. Right beside the CalTrain station in San Francisco and Dick and I love trains.

I had my phone with me. Showed some photographs during the meal.

Some hours later, just before going to bed, I noticed when I tried to plug my phone in for the night that - it wasn't there.

It wasn't there again the following morning.

CalTrain hasn't seen it. The restaurant hasn't either.

Irony is a fundamental principle of the Universe. So it was that Saturday, the day the iPhone went AWOL, is the day on which I sold Dick's 1st generation iPhone on eBay. Sold it and sent it off via UPS. Hours before mine went missing.

Naught for it but to buy a new iPhone. 3G, 16GB, White.

Just to be different - like all the other Apple Fan Boys.


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