Thursday, October 16, 2008

Micro-vacation - macro-need

This weekend just passed we had one of our micro-vacations (much needed). Four days spent to the north of the Bay Area, at the Highlands Resort in Guerneville. It's a couple of hours from where we live - and a whole world away. We have been going there together for 14 years - and Dick another six or more before that.

Set among redwoods, along the Russian River, it is a peaceful place. Made more peaceful by the fact that our cellphones (mostly) don't work, we watch no television, and the room in which we stay doesn't have a phone.

Music, reading, good food, a hot tub under the stars and the Pacific Ocean only 13 miles away at Jenner by the sea.

Before you reach Jenner you pass through Duncans Mills - a (very) small town only four miles from the coast and about six feet above river or sea level. Not such a good place when the river floods.

We have become known at the Querica Gallery in Duncans Mills - even if our last visit was a year and a half ago. Ron Querica recognized us. We have a fondness for his wife's sculpture and have bought some pieces over the years.

Saturday evening we ate out - an anniversary celebration. The Village Inn in Monte Rio is another establishment we have frequented over the years. Excellent, excellent food and a great place for people watching. A wonderful range of people, many couples, of all predilections.

We drove up Thursday evening and back down Monday afternoon. And, as luck would have it, found a new Home Furnishings & Accessories store in Sebastopol. Good or bad luck? Who knows - but they do have some beautiful pieces.

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