Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some assembly required...

After this many a year we are finally getting our main music system back together. The speakers went out on us, after a botched installation of an audio/video system in our family shorted out our high-end audio system (destroying one of our speakers in the process).

Then came the work on our living room, the disconnection of the main audio gear, etc.

A number of years gathering dust. The speaker repairs (upgrades having been made in the intervening years) were costly, and there were always other things to be done with the money.

No more. The new cores for the speakers arrived from Utah this week. In discussions with the factory the replacement seemed simple enough.

Not so much.

The speakers we own are over 15 years old. As mentioned above, there have been upgrades in this family of speakers in that time. It is possible that swapping out speaker cores from a few years back for new ones is an exercise in simplicity. Our speakers, however, were not constructed with such a view to maintenance.

Almost total disassembly of the speaker was required to remove the existing core. So the living room looks like a workshop still.

Tomorrow everything will be back in its place. Of course it will.

Did I mention that these speaker cores are six feet tall and weigh far too much?

See below for photos of one of the cores and the crate (yes, I said "crate") in which it arrived.



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