Thursday, October 30, 2008

Of course it was meant well, but...

There I was, standing at the sandwich counter, having fun with the store employee who was constructing my lunch.

She was doing something she wasn't supposed to do, involving a baguette. I had asked her if she could replicate one of the pre-prepared ones, but with a different type of cheese. As luck would have it, she could, and would - although she wasn't supposed to.

We were laughing and joking and generally enjoying a small act of disobedience when she gestured to the array of vegetables in front of her with a questioning air.

"Dont be ridiculous", said I.

I must add that the sandwich being replicated was innocent of vegetable matter and so we really shouldn't add anything to it - not if the price were to remain the same.

She giggled at my response but it was cut short by a comment from my left.

"What do you mean 'Don't be ridiculous'? That's a good way to get cancer."

The comment was from a sternfaced, natural fiber wearing, woman.

Almost, but not quite, at a loss for words I mentioned that I was one of the few in my circle who was fond of brussles sprouts. Which, last I checked, were considered a vegetable.

"Still are." This, the parting shot, as she turned on her heel and left.

The woman behind the counter shrugged and finished my sandwich. I thanked her, we exchanged some more banter and I left.

Some people's lives contain far too much reality. This does not mean the rest of us must take up the slack all the time.

For revenge (an ignoble emotion I know) I may add that individual to the novel I intend to write next month. See if I don't!

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