Friday, December 19, 2008

And an angel disappeared to them...

We are sitting in our hotel in Kansas City. Dick has the Christmas playlist on his iPhone and we are listening to a random selection of tracks that range from a Medieval Christmas, through Gregorian Chant (something in the background of both of us) to Loreena McKennitt and a variety of her "this end of the year" songs.

One of these is "Dickens' Dublin" from her "Parallel Dreams" CD. This track intersperses Loreena's singing with a recording of a Dublin schoolchild of the 1960s reciting the Nativity story. A set of these recordings were made in a school in Dublin and, fortunately, the tapes surfaced and have been preserved. In fact a DVD was made of them, with the children represented by wonderful animations.

Dublin is a land of malapropisms. It's a gift we have. Even so, I remember being stunned when I first heard, emanating from the CD player, "...and an angel disappeared to them". I had to back up the CD twice or three times to prove to myself that I was hearing it correctly.

Somethings are just perfect.

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