Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas present for someone

I am still really fond of my MacBook Air. It is a beauty, the design still is fabulous. It has worked for most of the year as a replacement for my normal work laptop.

But I am selling it.

The limitation of 2GB of memory is too restrictive for what I need for work. Of late it has been causing problems, delays, inability to do some of the things I need done.

The new MacBook, the all-aluminum 13" version, solves a number of the problems. 4GB of memory, a faster and larger disk, a faster processor. All these directly address the problems I had with the Air.

And, the new MacBook is lighter than the previous version was. It is, however, 50% heavier than the Air. And nowhere near as thin, smooth, rounded, gorgeous.

If the above sounds conflicted, so it is.

It may have been that conflict which caused me to forget one detail as I created the listing on eBay. I forgot to put a reserve price on the item. The last time I did that I ended up selling a very new iMac for half what I paid for it.

Someone may be in line for an early Christmas present of a, relatively inexpensive, MacBook Air.

So be it.

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