Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The beginning of the middle

If I thought my pen's nib and my own wrists were going to have it difficult as I wrote 50,000 words last month, the typing of the result is going to be even worse.

I began the process, and then stopped. Procrastination is an art form, certainly when you are as practiced at it as I. While it is important to type up the manuscript, oh how I love that word, what I have diverted myself to doing is equally so.

There is the issue of chaptering, one which will have to be tackled I am to really make a story of this. And within chapters, scenes. And those scenes, in overview form, give the line through the story - or show where the line peters out, or crosses through other lines.

To create the scenes I don't have to have all the text typed. In fact, I don't need any of the text typed. Rationalized procrastination - I love it!

In truth, rationalization or no, I do need an overview of my story, at the outline, or some other mechanism, level.

Enter Scrivener. A writing tool, written by a teacher in England - and I don't believe he teaches programming. These people annoy me!

But the writing tool he created, because he likes to write also, allows exactly the index card/overview capability that will help me in shuffling the bits and pieces of this story around - until it is an actual story. It might even point out holes in the story that will require other scenes to be created.

Once the through line is established, filling in the text for each of the scenes from what is already written will be simpler.

At least, that's the theory.


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