Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fifteen is a nice round number

The silliest grin on my face this morning. Sorry, can't help it.

I've been thinking back over the last decade and a half. I blame it all on Jane Campion myself. And her piano.

And possibly the pizza.

Or else it was just the perfect Friday evening that led to an amazing weekend that led to, well, fifteen years.

And counting.

And as we proclaimed from the rooftops some years later:

I set you as a seal on my heart

Where you go, I will go

What you are or will become is all I want of you

I will surround your life with love

I will share your life with joy


  1. oh my. on that day, the earth moved, even here on the other coast. congratulations to you both and much celebration.

  2. Nice and understated Kevin. It's beautiful.

  3. Thanks Rich. Glad you liked it.