Saturday, February 14, 2009

The red S is - sexy

It's really not what is done but, far more, the attitude with which what's done is done.

So, one might not regard a Toyota Corolla as sexy - even if it does have a red S on the back. But then, such a car can take you down the coast, off to see friends and relatives, birding or into the mountains.

And such an attitude is sexy, red S or no. Because excitement is sexy, possibility is sexy, living itself is sexy.

On a note entirely unrelated to the above, except of a piece with it because of the attitude shown, I ran across the blog of a young woman who recently dedicated her life to others, those who are her neighbors, as a member of a religious congregation.

On her first mission, before anything else, she had to deal with the minutiae that we all have to - form filling, driver's license, applying for jobs and, because she was in a new place, getting her library card and a membership at the local video store.

Instead of mailing all of these things in, she decided to go in person, to interact with as many people as possible, to get to know these neighbors to whom she had dedicated her life.

She is a nun so I hesitate to ascribe the adjective sexy, yet connections, human contact, the reaching out to other - this is life, real life, real living.

And, as I mention above, living itself - is sexy.

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