Friday, March 27, 2009

Talkative - I'll take any distraction I can

I had to go for a follow-up blood test today, to see about the effects of cholesterol-managing medication. I am not at all in favor of someone puncturing me with a needle (we'll table the discussion of my tattoos for another day - I happen to be inconsistent, sue me).

The phlebotomist, or perhaps nurse, was wonderfully down-to-earth and quite talkative. The entire procedure was straightforward and mercifully brief yet in that time I learned quite a lot about my interlocutor.

So much so that I really didn't notice what was going on at the inside of my right elbow. Nicely done Ma'am. I, for one, appreciate that.

Of course, distractions are not always so welcome. Or, perhaps it's that they are too welcome.

I am no more than a third of the way through typing in my NaNo novel. There are always other things to do, sites to see, even sights to see. To say nothing of other things to read.

Wearying this.

I have to fall back on words from Maeve Binchy (yes, of course we're quite the item, don't I have 20 letters of hers? Well, me and anyone else who owns "The Maeve Binchy Writer's Club" - but it wouldn't do to spoil a good name dropping opportunity, would it?)

Anyway, her words are: "I will never be among those who say that you could have written if you only had had the chance."

I'm a "chancer" as we say (we, the Irish, that is). So, I'll continue (again) to take the chance.

Oh, and Happy B-Day JG

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