Monday, April 20, 2009

Micro-Vacations - nice if you can get 'em

I haven't held to the idea of one Friday off each month - micro=vacations. Too much "stuff", work-related and not.

But this last week, yes. April 15th was a good enough reason to start with. Not just the obvious, but also the fact that our usual resort retreat was offering a free night Wednesday to regulars. Add that to the Winter special of one free night for three consecutive nights and the answer is "Four nights for the price of two? Where do I sign?!"

We drove up Wednesday evening. April is late for us to make this journey and it was strange to spend most of the journey in the light. Instead of fighting our way down 19th in San Francisco we took Sunset (Dick's idea). It meant the happy addition of a drive through Golden Gate Park (or a part thereof). Very, very nice indeed.

Our phones barely worked while there. No Internet access, unless you wish to pay $1/15 minutes in the Coffee Bazaar. We didn't.

Music, books (electronic and others), good food, good weather and spectacular scenery along Route 116 before the coast highway into Jenner (and even more spectacular views of the Pacific).

As always, by the third day we were completely unwound (or unravelled). Just in time to pack up on the fourth day. But I suppose it wouldn't be a micro-vacation had we stayed longer.

Back down to the Bay Area on Sunday, with a call in on Gertrude on the way. Well she wears her ninety-one years.

Pacific Ocean 1Redwoods at the ResortPacific Ocean 3Pacific Ocean 2

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