Saturday, April 25, 2009

Water? No ice please.

When I arrived here in the US, in 1993, I began the process of rebuilding a life and, in very real terms, a self.

The apartment complex I lived in in Cupertino was unlike anything I had seen in Ireland. A pool, ducks, swans even, if memory serves. Of course the monthly rental on the one-bedroom was only a little less than the mortgage on a four-bedroom home back in Dublin.

Still, it was Cupertino. I was working at Apple. I was in silly-con Valley!

The apartment rental included all the hot water I could use. It was a month before I had any furniture other than a kitchen stool. Sometimes, in that month, I stood in the shower and had the longest hot showers I had ever had. I felt wealthy, not to say prune-like.

Today brought that to mind. Very many things have changed since the early nineties. The condo fee, however, does go towards providing hot water.

Except today. Today there was none. Still isn't any. It seems the heater died. That might have been reparable within a reasonable amount of time, but someone in the complex had water pouring down their walls. That took precedence. No surprise really, nor any complaint.

Except I've really wanted a hot shower all day. A case of wanting only that which you can't have? Probably.

And it's been far too long, Salamanca if I recall rightly, since I've have cold showers. And I was young then.

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