Sunday, December 25, 2011

Darkest before the dawn

The phrase entitling this post set me thinking.

Such phrases litter our language, hinting at a hopefulness I believe is at the core of us as humans.

Deep in Winters long ago (fadó, fadó - the Gaelic equivalent of 'once upon a time...')... So, long long ago in the depths of Winter, we sat through the long nights and remembered, told stories, of the warmth, the light, the bounty that flowed from the sun in Summer. We consoled ourselves that the sun had returned before, that new life had sprung from the cold earth, that we had seen other Summers before, and would again. That the people, the tribe, the group would again be saved.

Later, as knowledge grew, we learned to measure the change in the course of the heavens so it could be seen that there would come an end to seeming endless nights.

Celebrations sprang up, for we are a celebratory species - perhaps a little too pleased with ourselves when we think we understand something, but the celebrations were warranted.

So, little surprise that my own religious tradition builds upon this celebration, borrowing from older traditions, beliefs. "...people that walked in darkness...seen a great light"...the thought of new life born to us...that we would be safe.

It calls to something deep within us as a species. There can be but one answer - hope.

So, whatever your tradition at this celebratory time of the year, I wish you joy. I wish you peace and, most of all, hope.


  1. Hope springs eternal, yes?
    Joy and peace to you and yours as well. :)

  2. @Laura - yes, Hope springs eternal.

    My very best to you and yours, for the remainder of the Holidays and all through 2012.

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  4. I'm also a hopeful sort of guy, but just before dawn has always seemed lighter than the dead of night to me.

  5. Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit!

    (If I just told you I baked your dog, I apologize) :D

  6. @John - here's hoping all goes well with and for you in 2012. Happy New Year

    @Laura - :D Not to worry, you'd need the word 'madra' in there to have a dog mentioned, let alone baked. Happy New Year right back a'cha

  7. I love reading your posts. Hope is the vessel that lights the way for us, even when all around seems dark. It is that glimmer of hope that illuminates those dark corners and allows us to see just that little more clearly.

    A very Happy New Year to you, Kevin. I have enjoyed immensely getting to know you in 2011 and I look forward to a continued friendship in 2012. ^_^

    Throws a handful of glitter to add just a little sparkle to the light ¸✫*¨*.¸☆¸✫*¨*.¸☆

  8. @Helen - Glad you enjoy the posts, Helen. As Emily Dickinson wrote: "Hope" is the thing with feathers-
    That perches in the soul-
    And sings the tune without the words-
    And never stops-at all-

    Many thanks for the glitter - sparkles, as Karen from Mentor believes, are the very stuff of life

  9. Lovely message for the season--and for living. Nice to see you @thebluetruedream -- thanks for the follow. Happy New Year! Peace...

  10. @Linda - Happy New Year to you, Linda

    @shahzebnajam - thank you