Thursday, December 22, 2011


Yes, I know. A day late - and likely a dollar short.

I blame the travel. Yesterday we flew across half the country, racing away from the sun. We took off in full sunshine and landed in full dark. In the land of my birth, it would have been full dark for more than an hour of the clock by the time we landed. It was dark enough for me not to feel homesick.

So, 'twas the solstice. The depth of Winter. The year's longest night. The year's shortest day - at least up here in the Northern hemisphere.

Yet the very word 'solstice' contains within it the name of our star, the sun. One can argue which came first - word or name. It doesn't matter.

The word looks forward. Therein is contained hope. In the depth of the night, the promise of light.

At the very least, the hope of light.

What a resilient species we are. Hopeful, despite our best efforts. Despite the darkness around, and within, us.

And therin lies the glory that we are.


  1. A day late, but at least this one is longer. A merry year to you!

  2. A merry year, and holiday, to you and yours, John.

  3. Ah your Winter Solstice is our Summer one, so we have had our longest day and now they will shorten taking us back into the dark - I love the changing seasons—always something new to look forward too. ^__^

  4. Have a wonderful time on your vacation. You bring light to any darkness, Sir Kevin. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  5. @Helen - enjoy your Summer. Here in California, there are really only two seasons. Sometimes I miss the variation that the full four bring. Merry Christmas.

    @Laura - many thanks. We're enjoying our time with friends. Thank you for your kind words. Happy to return best wishes to you and yours. Merry Christmas.