Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I: Irish Music

Well, I could hardly not now, could I?

For I am a fan of the music of Ireland, folk, trad, the blend of the above, and rock, punk and much else. I even, though I shudder every time I think of it, had the temerity to sing in front of Larry Mullen, the drummer in U2. He wasn't there in his official capacity.

Speaking of the "Music of Ireland"...

In the Midwest, one Christmas, I ran across a pair of CDs, with accompanying DVDs. The DVDs were Parts One and Two of a Public Television special (which I'd missed) on, well, the music of Ireland. The CDs contain the music played and sung during the hour (one per DVD) of the show.

Part One, in particular, delves into the roots of the revival of Irish music over the past 50 or so years. Marvelous interviews with those who played a huge part in that revival - some of whom now gone, but they'll never be forgotten.

I recall thinking, as I watched and listened, wishing I were able to capture the sense, the feeling, the flavor of their speech, of their ideas, of their way of being in my writing. Were I able to do that, they'rd be no telling what I could do.


  1. the bulk of Newfoundland music music has Irish roots - The Pogues and The Chieftans are my 'car cds'

    1. It's pretty hard to go wrong with the Chieftans, and the Pogues have their moments - bright, shining ones.

  2. I think that's great that you sang in front of him! I really have no idea what modern Irish music sounds like but I love traditional Irish music.

    1. "I think that's great..."

      I 'spose, but sometimes I wake up at night (or maybe he does) weeping. :D

      The Part One DVD talks about the revival of Irish traditional music and it's introduction to the world, and that generation of the Irish themselves. It was very interesting.