Thursday, April 12, 2012

J: Jorane

Jorane - a French-Canadian singer/cellist/songwriter I heard on the radio some year back. To begin with, I'm very fond of the cello. There's something about the tone of the instrument.

Jorane, however, manages to push, or gently entice, the cello out of its comfort zone. The results are wondrous.

I have only one of Jorane's CDs - partly because I rarely see her in stores. It's entirely possible I'm looking in all the wrong places. Her music is difficult to classify.

The CD I own is "the You and the Now". It seems, on Amazon, it's temporarily out of stock. If you click on the link and go to Amazon - check out Track 5. Not your traditional cello.


  1. That's a very unique album cover (dating myself with that description!). I'm partial to flutes and horns over strings.

    1. It is quite spectacular, isn't it.

      I'm fond of stringed instruments - including electric guitar in the hands of someone who really know how to make it wail.