Monday, November 12, 2012

A Rich and Rare Land

A Rich and Rare Friend.

The land? Ireland. The richness referring to the wealth of wit and words, in this case represented by poetry.

These words are complemented by paintings hailing from that same land. In some cases, one in particular, from the same family. William B Yeats is joined in the book by his brother the artist, Jack B Yeats.

The friend? That would be Va. Richness in this case referring to her wealth of story, art, fun, skill in the kitchen(!) and so much more.

The same Va gave me the book that shares the title of this entry — A Rich and Rare Land.

When I got home I opened the book and was lost to friend and foe for the next...period of time — I couldn't tell you how long.

The words. The words. Ranging from Seamus Heaney to translations of Turlough O'Carolan, from Jonathan Swift to John Millington Synge, from WB Yeats to Katherine Tynan. And then there's Patrick Kavanagh — of Raglan Road fame.

The art is no less evocative but my ear is attuned to the lilt of the language. It brings its own warmth.

Poetry does that to me. The sounds of that rich and rare land of Érin do that to me.

As does friendship.


  1. Truly a book to treasure when the words can sweep you away on a magical journey apart from daily reality. I imagine the subject matter also holds a special place in your heart!

    1. Indeed, Laura, a book to treasure.

      Re. subject, loss, nature, the heart - what's not to love? :D