Sunday, November 04, 2012

Best of FridayFlash Vol. 2 - Fountain Pen Day/Weekend - NaNo 2012

My copies of Best of Friday Flash, Volume 2 arrived yesterday. I was very pleased to learn, earlier this year, that my story was to be included. "Intimate Strangers" was written for Valentine's Day, if I remember rightly.

I was fortunate to have one of my stories chosen for Vol. 1 also. The Friday Flash twitter meme has been a rich source of validation for me as a writer, a great spur to my writing and a really good community to have been part of.

All honor to Jon Strother for the idea — and to those who work with him at to pull the whole thing together.

And, most importantly, to the writers and readers of the flash fiction produced each and every Friday. So much talent from all points of the compass.

The book is available at the publisher: and the paperback can be had at Amazon.

November 2nd was Fountain Pen Day — though, on facebook, they promise that it's really all weekend. Good, because I'm late to the party ('tis ever thus.)

As usual, I find myself tip-toeing (skulking?) about on the fringes of such things. But, anything to draw more attention to these functional works of art that fountain pens are. Happy to help.

November is also the time for the yearly madness that is National Novel Writing Month. I've participated in this for four years in a row — last year missing out on a "win" by a few hundred words.

The results of my first foray into NaNoWriMo are currently being copy-edited. The book will be available before the month is out (ever the optimist.) As it turns out, my copy-editor is pleased at the cleanliness of the copy. For that I am indebted to RjC — who is possessed of a fine eye and a good sense of story.

There are too many things going on right now for me to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. Packing up our lives here in the Bay Area is a large part of that. At least we have managed to secure a moving company. The 1,800 mile trip looks like it's possible.

There goes that optimist again.

For those who are NaNo-ing this year — Allons-Y (or, you go, I'll stand on the sidelines, cheering.)


  1. And the title of your book is??? :)

    Yay for Friday Flash, Volume 2 and congrats for having a story in it!

    Optimism is a good thing. Never leave home without it. Happy packing... :)

    1. I feel very fortunate to have a story chosen for BoFF V2 - "Intimate Strangers" is in *very* good company.

      As to optimism...I seldom am without a unsupported-by-reality version of it. Yet it works! On the occasions when that deserted me, or I it, things grew rather dark.

      Which has nothing to do with the next thing - but my book is likely to be named "Fear of the Dark".

  2. Congrats for having a story included!

  3. Oh wow! Congrats on your Friday Flash triumph! So cool!