Sunday, February 17, 2013

House into a home...

Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, here. There's a ways to go yet.

That said, the office cum TV room has taken shape. There will be adjustments, things that are out of place that will need to find where they belong. But the main elements are where they need to be. May have to move the laser printer. It's kind of front and center — upsetting the feng shui.

But the cat tree (reflected in the window) location was approved by both pusses — so we're doing something right.

It's a bit like the kitchen. Everything's (mostly) put away. The large work is done. Now it's a matter of finding out, as we use things, where they're best located. There's already been some movement (in ways reminiscent of 'brownian motion' — yes it's a little random) of cups, plates and suchlike moving to more convenient locations, displacing spices to somewhere else.

(Some of the) cookbooks need to move from where they are. And who needs 15 mugs on a rack? (Not to mention the others — I'm not sure how many — hiding behind three cabinet doors.

Do I really need that Sun Microsystems mug I got back in the day? I mean, Sun Microsystems has gone the way of all flesh. Shouldn't the mug be laid to rest — if only out of respect?

Still progress. Much yet to do as we unpack everything from the move from California. But it was good to look into the room — and see a room.


  1. It is an ongoing process but the kittehs are happy. What more could you want?

    1. Ongoing, indeed, Laura. But, yes, the pusses are happy. So, we're doing something right. :)

  2. I don't know, my Sun Microsystems cup is just about perfect for a big cup of hot chocolate. Leaves room for the marshmallows.

    Nice view.

    1. Hi Jon, in truth I haven't set the Sun mug on to its final reward as yet. I even still have my Apple Pacific mug yet - and that's even older.

      Pack rat - I blame my mother. :)

  3. Tough choice re the Sun mug. There won't be any more of those. I have the same issue with the Harmony mug. Nice to hear things are shaping up so you can get back to your favorite pursuit.


    1. Hi Joanne, I elected to keep the Sun mug (and the Apple Pacific one, and the Harmony ones - we have two - for the moment.)

      In fact, I've put all of them, the mugs, up out of reach where I'll find them again in a few years. We're keeping about 8 out and easily reachable - ones that appeal to memory or quirky sense of humor (a Highlands Resort one, "It's Turtles all the way down", A MongoSF 2012 one - and suchlike.)

      Thanks for stopping by,

  4. Looks good from the photo Kevin and as long as the pussy cats are happy what more could you want! ^__^