Sunday, March 10, 2013

It was time...I suppose

My Whatever clock didn't make it.

We've discovered a number of things that didn't survive the move. I don't suppose this is a unique experience. I'm documenting the casualties, tables, chairs, a lamp, and so on. Yesterday I unpacked some more of the office. There was my Whatever clock, the one I'd had on the wall beside my desk.

It didn't work. Perhaps the battery? Alas, no. All the energizer bunnies in the world can't bring this one back. Sic transit and all that.

I've looked up replacement clocks but none, as yet that I've discovered, have the nice wood trim. I did find some wonderful "melting time" clocks — my fondness for Dalí almost won out.

I've also looked into replacement movements. They're quite inexpensive. A good thing that. Given my abilities as a handyman, I might need to buy several.

It's not as if there's a dearth of clocks around (even discounting the ones on the several phones and other computing devices decorating the place.)

I mean — there are all these others.

I suppose it was a good idea to get out of California — all these glass and china clocks. In earthquake country.

What were we thinking?

Well, I suppose this last one would have survived an earthquake. At least it wouldn't shatter.


  1. Sorry your whatever clock didn't make it, I liked that so much when you posted a picture of your writing space!
    It inspired me to make my own writer's clock :) (

    1. Thanks for the pointer to your writer's clock entry, Estrella. I'm not quite as "handy", I regret.

  2. Or maybe it's just saying "whatever."

    I've seen several Whatever clocks, but I like that one best. I hope you can fix it… and I wouldn't mind finding one myself!

    1. Could be, Larry. Could be.

      It is the nicest one I've found for sale so far. The fixing of it is still under consideration. :)

  3. The whatever clock gave up because it didn't really care... ;)
    It's still sad to lose things in a move. Hope you find one you really like!

    1. "...because it didn't really care" *snort*

      Thanks, Laura. That was glorious.

      Still looking, at clocks and at clock mechanisms. We'll see what happens.