Monday, July 14, 2014

Pelikan - Highlighter Fountain Pen

A good while passed between my prior purchase of a fountain pen and the most recent one. I'd decided I'd bought all the...ordinary, for want of a better word...pens—even if some of them were special or limited editions—I wanted. My next pen was going to be a completely custom one. But I hadn't decided exactly what and when.

Then I got the news of a new Pelikan fountain pen. A highlighter pen. My interest was piqued. I owned no Peikans, although I do own some of their inks. And the pen is a demonstrator—transparent—and I didn't have one of those either.

The pen comes with its own highlighter ink. A fluorescent green. Although, if you clean the pen out throughly, you can put ordinary ink into it and you have a normal fountain pen!

I bought it. Was there any doubt?

Two days later, at the office, I had the opportunity to review a document. Out came my trusty highlighter. And it worked. And well.

The pen takes a little getting used to. It has a BB nib, double-broad, I'm guessing. It lays ink down in fairly broad strokes. The specialized highlighter ink goes onto the page wet. But for marking up a document in a very visible manner, this pen is only outdone by a purpose-built highlighter.

I've also used it to edit one of my Goldberg Variations stories. I'm typing these of late, so this allows me include one of my fountain pens in on the act. I will be interested to see, when I tire of using the highlighter ink, how the pen writes when I fill it with ordinary, non-fluorescent ink.

This is the second in the Pelikan highlighter pen line, as I understand it. There was a red version before this, but I'm not sure of the details.

I'm enjoying this pen. Now I have a specialized fountain pen for marking up text.

I still have my eye on a custom-built pen though. Some dreams simply won't die.

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  1. Oh I love pens - my current fixation is fineliners. I'm dreading the day my random purple one that I found at work runs out - I've never seen them in the shops!