Tuesday, October 21, 2014

There's no place like it...

Back in 2011, for the A-Z Challenge, I wrote a piece about Home, and how it seems to move with me as I meander this world.

I was reminded of this on flying back to Kansas City, MO late last week (and very early last Friday.)

I've been here in this city by the Missouri river for just short of two years now. Still here, haven't left but for a trip back to San Jose, CA for work in April of last year. April was too soon after I'd driven from California to Missouri, so "home" was still a fluid concept, unlatched to any particular place.

And I've remained here since, until work drove me elsewhere.

I spent last week in the Pacific Northwest, The Bellevue/Redmond area near Seattle. A consulting gig at Microsoft.

Technology has meant that I was able to stay in face-to-face contact with...home, and him therein. We've discovered that this helps.

A thirty-minutes-after-midnight flight from Seattle brought me to Kansas City as the sun rose. Riding the shuttle in from the airport I was pleased to feel a sense of "Home" as the city came into view. As we crossed the bridge across the Missouri river I felt myself smile.

I was home.

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